Coinage: Leetsplain

Leetsplain: to assume position of unacknowleged privilege and lecture a social inferior on the evils of unconscious social privilege.

The unacknowledged privilege of the leetsplainer is both epistemological (I unlike you, am aware of my biases and have compensated for them, and therefore know Truer Truth) and moral (I, unlike you, know what justice and injustice is, and want a more Just Justice).

The sneaky move behind Leetsplanation is smuggling in unstated and unquestionable assumptions regarding which social categories are real and which are imaginary, which are overpoweringly powerful and which are weak and inconsequential, and which are legitimate qualifications for prestige and influence and and which are illegitimate and unjust. According to the leetsplaining¬†perspective, the trappings of class — the vocabulary, manners (a.k.a. class performances), social capital, educational pedigree — are qualifications for superior knowledge and character, not unjust levers of privilege that are only mildly influential and of negligible importance, and at any rate ought to be respected and heeded when it is asserted. But non-elective demographic categories do convey unjust privilege, and should be systematically suppressed and unceasingly criticized.

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