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Private liberty and political freedom

I am currently reading Chantal Mouffe’s Democratic Paradox, which explores a fundamental tension inherent in all liberal-democratic societies, which can be summarized by Marvin Simkin’s famous formulation: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for … Continue reading

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Do you consider yourself ‘broken’?

From the Asphodel blog: Question: “Do you consider yourself ‘broken’? What does broken mean to you?” Response: Until March of this year, I did. I was. Until May, in fact, I was still in deep torpor of pain from it, … Continue reading

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Generative thoughts

My favorite books are nearly impossible to read, because they cause me to have so many of my own thoughts. * An insight is a generative thought: an idea that produces ideas. An insight is impossible to speak about directly. … Continue reading

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The company is the polis

I’ve finished re-reading Richard J. Bernstein’s Beyond Objectivism and Relativism. I didn’t want to finish it. I’d love to keep reading and stay this state of mind forever. Here’s the last paragraph of Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Marx’s second thesis … Continue reading

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The “analysis paralysis” argument as filibuster

The people I know who most frequently cry, “Analysis paralysis!” and demand that everyone take immediate action without further discussion generally claim to do so for the sake of expedience. There is no time for this, they argue. The group … Continue reading

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Empathy + Alignment + Realism

I wrote a manifesto for my company and put it on our intranet: An attempt at a distillation of [this company]’s culture, in words we frequently use when describing and differentiating our approach: Empathy means to take care to really … Continue reading

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Brand Cramps

When people start listing great brands you can count on Apple being at the top, then Nike, then Starbucks, then usually Sony, etc. To make my list more interesting and less credible I think I am going to start dropping … Continue reading

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