Faith is the strategic deployment of ignorance.


Faith is less about the positive assertions that appear to constitute it than the will-diluting concerns it excludes.

Faith defines a way of life: a what-matters / what-does-not-matter, a what-one-does-do / what-one-does-not-do, a what-is / what-is-not. A separating of finite concerns from infinite non-concerns. A de-finition, a rendering of finitude.

Faith is easiest for those blessed with incuriosity, inexperience or absence of intellectual conscience.

Does it sound to you like I am disparaging faith, oh you of little faith, you who are anxious and troubled by innumerable hassles? The faithless are scattered, centerless, skinless, bleeding indiscriminately.


So many things I want to not know.


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  1. barry says:

    Good piece, Stephen. Too many view faith as if it were measurable capital to be earned, accumulated and spent.

    • anomalogue says:

      Barry, it’s good to know you’re still there! I forget anyone other people read what I write here.

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