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Perfectionism can be a characteristic of people pursuit of the highest standards, but more often it is only a symptom of deficient trade-off judgment.

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Why you should be mad about Lean Startup

Lean Startup externalizes usability costs to users. To combat this practice, if I find a usability issue I call tech support and have them walk me through the interaction. These calls cost a company a significant amount of money and … Continue reading

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Langer (and Geertz)

Looking for a beloved Geertz quote, I happened upon this mind-blowing hunk of truth. One regret: I should have called the post “Langer (and Geertz).

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A cruel thing to say

“I wish you actually were the person you want to be.”

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Jesus as Jewish missionary

A friend of mine said “…so basically, Jesus converted you to Judaism.” Yes. My attempts to understand Jesus’s teaching without the overwhelming influence of Paul’s interpretation led me to sharing Jesus’s faith, which precludes idolizing him as a god, a … Continue reading

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Will over feeling

I do not care how I feel, and neither should anyone else. I feel all kinds of stupid things all the time, and I cannot afford to take them seriously. What matters — what I take seriously about myself — … Continue reading

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To understand another culture it is necessary for an ethnographic investigator to suspend or temporarily suppress their own reflexive cultural judgments, at least long enough to get a sense of how life looks and feels from within the other culture’s … Continue reading

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