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…reality is like this (ontological background), therefore I am like this (practical foreground)… …being like this (practical background) demonstrates to me that reality is like this (ontological foreground)…

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Chord: reality’s withdrawal

“Nature likes to hide” – Heraclitus “As an object-oriented ontologist I hold that all entities (including “myself ”) are shy, retiring octopuses that squirt out a dissembling ink as they withdraw into the ontological shadows…” – Morton “Every philosophy is … Continue reading

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Landmine hopscotch

“The level of outrage is so high. It feels like talking to anyone, anywhere, in 2018 is just landmine hopscotch.” — Tina Fey, on David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

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Respect fund

It seems many folks I talk to these days believe disrespect is a kind of deduction from a person’s fund of social capital. If a person already possesses a great fortune in social capital — in the form of privilege, … Continue reading

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To Hannah Gadsby

I was extremely saddened watching Hanna Gadsby’s Netflix special a couple of nights ago. My wife and I were watching her, and we agreed: we liked her. We weren’t cracking up, but we found her interesting and we cared about … Continue reading

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American Olympus

One of the ideals I somehow absorbed or derived or instaurated from Nietzsche is the concept of Olympian pluralism. For a passionate practical worldview to be divine — as opposed to titanic — it must maintain loyalty to a deeper … Continue reading

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My Liberal identity

The leftist identitarian insistence that white heterosexual masculinity is an identity, its eagerness to impose this identity on people who reject such identities, and its habit of using its own peculiar justificatory logic to strip involuntary members of this identity … Continue reading

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Conceptualizing Kaufmann

I enjoy the etymological implications of “concept”, “synthesis” and “comprehend” and I’ve taken these implications as hints indicating how these words can be used in a complementary and systematic way. Concept means taking together. A concept is a tacit, formless … Continue reading

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Agonistic centrism?

What if I cast left versus right in terms of effort required to maintain equality or inequality? The further left one’s ideology leans, the more one believes that equality with others should require no effort. Enforced preexisting equality of all … Continue reading

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Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad Adonai Mefuzar

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Rorty’s wonderful omissions

One of the great pleasures of reading Richard Rorty is experiencing his precise neglect of nonhuman actors. The man lived in a wordworld of free-floating humans whose sole purpose was conversation. It helps make what I learned from Bruno Latour … Continue reading

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Pragmatist religion

It seems that in the 19th Century  “metaphysical need” for “metaphysical comfort” was more common than in the 20th Century, where the needs and comforts were anti-metaphysical. This strikes me as an ontological analogue to the epistemological struggles (or were … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism as dysfinitude

Every authentic religion eventually produces its own fundamentalism. An authentic religion is a finite self’s whole-being response to infinite being. It is both actively receptive and receptively active toward reality which no self can contain, which contains all selves, in … Continue reading

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A minority majority

It is important that every individual American citizen recognizes that somewhere in their life on some vitally important matter they hold a minority opinion, and that if it weren’t for our collective commitment to individual liberty, they would be vulnerable … Continue reading

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Density of soul

“When a poet is not in love with reality his muse will consequently not be reality, and she will then bear him hollow-eyed and fragile-limbed children.” — Friedrich Nietzsche * It seems to me that few people agree with me … Continue reading

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To my friend Pamela

I need to own my reaction to the rhetoric of the mainstream Left a little more, I think. It is not only about how Trump folks react to the way they are portrayed and addressed by the left. I am … Continue reading

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Liberal democracy’s double foundation

The political foundation of liberal democracy is democracy, but the philosophical foundation of liberal democracy is liberalism. A majority of citizens must actively want a sphere of liberties protected by liberalism more than it wants to impose its collective will … Continue reading

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Distribution of…

A semi-formed thought to entertain: If the the primary goal of liberalism is optimal distribution of judgment throughout society, then optimal distribution of material resources might be one means to that end. But this means must be balanced against the … Continue reading

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Universal gentrification

“As soon as a religion comes to dominate it has as its opponents all those who would have been its first disciples.” — Friedrich Nietzsche My older daughter has joined a reading group studying gentrification, and we’ve been having sporadic … Continue reading

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Judgment and liberalism

Our humanity is bound up with freedom of interpretation. The capacity to interpret and respond effectively is what is meant by the word judgment. To the degree an individual’s capacity to interpret is denied and interpretations suppressed, that person’s individuality … Continue reading

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