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The victory of the marketing worldview

The training of students to conceptualize themselves in terms of “intersectionality” of identity represents the victory of the marketing worldview over all other philosophical competitors. Those who are truly of our times have internalized their demographics and have no desire … Continue reading

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Douche Theory 2×2 Model (R)

I plan to use this diagram to help me explain different approaches to design strategy. Human-centered design helps Douche organizations become Keepers.  

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Design as gift (edit for 10ke)

Design is like gift-giving. How? When one person gives another person a perfect gift, the gift is valuable in three ways: The gift itself is intrinsically valuable to the one receiving it. The gift is good to have in one’s life, … Continue reading

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Brand and pluralism

The free market is at least partially redeemed by the emergence and development of brand positioning. Brand positioning is strategic pluralism.

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Private liberty and political freedom

I am currently reading Chantal Mouffe’s Democratic Paradox, which explores a fundamental tension inherent in all liberal-democratic societies, which can be summarized by Marvin Simkin’s famous formulation: “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for … Continue reading

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1st person brands

In general, it can be said that branding seeks to influence how people see the branded entity relative to its competitors positioned in a competitive landscape. But this purpose can be accomplished in quite different ways. Normal branding tends to … Continue reading

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Pain of innovation

The primary obstacle to innovation of every kind is the pain of philosophy, which begins as angst before blooming into perplexity. * We don’t hate new ideas because they’re new. We don’t even hate new ideas because they displace beloved … Continue reading

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