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Chord: Love as hermeneutic device

Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human: Love as artifice. — Whoever wants really to get to know something new (be it a person, an event, or a book) does well to take up this new thing with all possible love, to … Continue reading

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Reading Appendix A of Rorty’s Achieving Our Country, “Campaigns and Movements” I came upon this bit: “Most of us, when young, hope for purity of heart. The easiest way to assure oneself of this purity is to will one thing—but … Continue reading

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Eroding to wisdom

The best quotes are the misattributed ones — overused maxims that become smoother as they tumble from paraphrase to paraphrase until they are worn smooth like river stones. Whenever I track one of these retroactively adopted orphans back to their … Continue reading

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Shells and pearls

This is a series of rewritten, streamlined posts on the theme of shells and pearls, which I’m considering incorporating into my pamphlet. I’ll link to the originals. If you have time to compare, let me know if you think anything was lost in … Continue reading

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America is philosophically diseased

America is philosophically diseased. Most Americans perceive, believe and intuit using 19th and 20th century modes of understanding which are 1) are incompatible and irreconcilable with the others, 2) mutually hostile, and 3) inadequate for making theoretical, practical and moral sense of … Continue reading

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T. S. Eliot collage

I’m getting super-swoony reading contextless T. S. Eliot quotes. These are so good, I have to make a collage of quotes right now, and maybe this can provide them a context. “It is only in the world of objects that … Continue reading

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Chord: social versus interhuman

Below is a chord of passages on social versus interhuman interactions, which I believe illuminate a key difference between introverts and extraverts. Extraverts seem to prefer social interactions, where each person plays a role as a participant in some cultural … Continue reading

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Chord: eyes and ears

A chord of Nietzsche quotes: “He who sees badly sees less and less; he who listens badly hears more than has been said.” * “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings — always darker, emptier, simpler.” * “He is a … Continue reading

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Chord: golden ball

Rilke, via Gadamer: Catch only what you’ve thrown yourself, all is mere skill and little gain; but when you’re suddenly the catcher of a ball thrown by an eternal partner with an accurate and measured swing towards you, to your … Continue reading

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Thread chord

A passage from Latour’s latest book, An Inquiry into Modes of Existence, reminded me of another from Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Calvino: In Ersilia, to establish the relationships that sustain the city’s life, the inhabitants stretch strings from the corners of … Continue reading

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Chord: substance abuse

Borges: It was very difficult for him to sleep. To sleep is to be abstracted from the world; Funes, on his back in his cot, in the shadows, imagined every crevice and every moulding of the various houses which surrounded … Continue reading

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Payment due

There’s nothing at all wrong with the strong dominating the weak, as long as: 1) the strong compensate the weak, and pay for the freedom they’ve taken with comfort, order and irresponsibility and 2) leave the weak room to strengthen … Continue reading

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What is common to everybody? Primordial perception of phenomena. The senses and the unavoidable common sense synthesis of the senses into things, also known as objectivity. Basic biological needs. Nourishment, sex, shelter, (some degree of) safety. Fundamental laws of thought. … Continue reading

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Chord: mind over matter

Some quotes on the theme of divorce of mind and matter: * Arthur Eddington: I am standing on the threshold about to enter a room. It is a complicated business. In the first place I must shove against an atmosphere … Continue reading

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Chord: Nietzsche’s practical metaphysics

The circle must be closed. — He who has followed a philosophy or a species of thought to the end of its course and then around the end will grasp from his inner experience why the masters and teachers who … Continue reading

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