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Tool users vs service users

I am not one of those people who sees service design as the grand catch-all for multi-touchpoint multi-/omni-channel experiences. I feel the same way about “service” as I did in the early aughts about the term “user”. These words imply … Continue reading

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Obtrusive conveniences

A design trend that disturbs me intensely: obtrusive conveniences. What makes these conveniences obtrusive is that they make it incredibly inconvenient to refuse what they offer and you end up fighting for control over what you are attempting to do. … Continue reading

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Gadget-porn addiction

Apple used to innovate by asking “Wouldn’t it be great if people could ____?” This was what made them uniquely great. Now Apple does what every other banal tech company does and asks “Wouldn’t it be great if we could … Continue reading

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Why I get emotional about design

When I use a product, I feel the milieu that produced it. Products are crystallized philosophies. In a designed object I feel people — the people who produced it and sometimes a precise person for whom an object is intended. This … Continue reading

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Formalizing relationships with the formless

Formless realities cannot be grasped with formal thinking, but our relationship with formless realities can be. Formally grasping our relationship with formless realities makes these relationships with formless realities more bearable.   This is mainly a note to myself at … Continue reading

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It’s the experience, stupid

People think software is becoming more frustrating because the world has become more complex. This is false. Software is worse because development has been drastically accelerated. The shortened cycles leave little or no time for best design practices that ensure … Continue reading

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Slurpy, mergy, touchy-feely notions of interpersonal being

Wow, this post really sprawled out. It hits a lot of my enduring interests. I’m not sure it is suitable for reading. It might just be a personal journal entry written to myself. Feel free to eavesdrop if you wish, … Continue reading

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