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“The many faces of research”

I just realized I never re-posted my October 2010 article summarizing James Spradley’s incredibly cool way of defining different types of research — by the role of the participant vis a vis the researcher. Here’s the text: Anyone who has ever commissioned, … Continue reading

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Dialogue: art-work, design-work, artisan-work

S: My view is that art is made without reference to the receiver. It is entirely ego-centric. It is thrown out into the world and if someone understands and desires it, it’s a miracle. Design is made with reference to others … Continue reading

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Pluritarian Pluriversalism

To someone born into an autistic universe controlled by a single set of strictly logical natural laws, the experience of empathy and the subsequent revelation of an empathic pluriverse redefines the meaning of miracle, and of transcendence, and of religion. … Continue reading

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Design and trade-offs

For non-designers (and immature designers) the toughest part of design is trying on different trade-offs. The reason it is so tough is this: while most people can shift between ideas with relative ease, it is harder to shift between conceptions … Continue reading

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Universal Design Praxis

I find the term Design Thinking inadequate. First, the term Design Thinking belongs to IDEO. As far as I know, they made the term up, they use it for marketing and it remains closely associated with them. It is uncomfortably … Continue reading

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Goliath vs Pebble

I’m going to get really concrete for a change, and talk about the apparent design philosophies and approaches of Apple Watch vs Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Disclosure: I have a very strong preference for Pebble, I predict they … Continue reading

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Gorging ouroboros

Every philosophy is a philosophy of some kind of life. For too many generations philosophers have philosophized about philosophizing to philosophers philosophizing about philosophizing. This has turned philosophy into something exasperatingly inapplicable to anything important to anyone except a professional … Continue reading

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