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Slurpy, mergy, touchy-feely notions of interpersonal being

Wow, this post really sprawled out. It hits a lot of my enduring interests. I’m not sure it is suitable for reading. It might just be a personal journal entry written to myself. Feel free to eavesdrop if you wish, … Continue reading

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Ancestors and siblings of process thought

While I’m scanning passages from C. Robert Mesle’s Process-Relational Philosophy, here are two more that inspired me. The first passage appeals to my designer consciousness: Descartes was wrong in his basic dualism. The world is not composed of substances or of … Continue reading

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Rude tools

In my last post I promised that my next post would be “a theoretical tantrum on the ethics around that miserable love triangle between developer, tool and user.” and that I thought the issue of “‘ownership’ of software is an unrecognized … Continue reading

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Taking away my tools

Over the last decade and a half I’ve relied on four tools for making my thoughts. Of these four, two have broken in the last couple of years: Adobe Illustrator and WordPress. These two tools have undergone frequent deep UI … Continue reading

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Autumn 2011, when the canary died

A friend texted me a link to an article by Yascha Mounk, “Authoritarian by Instinct“. What follows is a somewhat edited (and hyperlinked up) version of my SMS avalanche of a response. * I was about to say that I’m surprised at … Continue reading

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Over the last year I’ve been equipping myself to make pamphlets. I’ve purchased several reams of beautiful French Paper in cover and heavy text weights, waxed linen bookbinder thread, needles, and awls and a bone folder. I’ve figured out how … Continue reading

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Zoolander startup

The hyper-accellerated software release cycles of the 2010s will be seen as the analogue of the hyper-miniaturized mobile phone designs of the early 2000s: a dubious goal pursued to an absurd extreme.

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