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Meditation on V’ahavta

While I traveled the last two weeks I finished memorizing the V’ahavta. V’ahavta et Adonai Elohecha, b’chol l’vavcha uv’chol nafsh’cha uv’chol m’odecha. You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. … Continue reading

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What is religion?

What is religion? My definition is very broad: Religion is the conscious effort to situate ourselves within a reality that involves but infinitely exceeds us conceptually, practically and morally.

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Today is my mikvah. Sometime around 10:45-11:15am EST other Jews will know me as a fellow Jew. I cannot explain why this matters so much to me, but it does. And I understand why many people cannot understand how much this matters … Continue reading

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Rosenzweig and the philosopher-hybrid

I get the same feeling reading Rosenzweig as I do reading Levinas: I begin to feel a little like a paraphrasing popularizer, or vulgarizer. In a little over a day from now I hope I’ll just feel like a fellow … Continue reading

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Some entities cannot be comprehended, only known-toward. This is a kind of knowing, but it only appears such if we allow knowing to be more than the conceptual grasping of objective comprehension. This doesn’t mean that objective comprehension is a … Continue reading

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Adonai Echad

Even an ordinary human mind is multiple. We weigh different values against each other, we find ourselves torn in decision, we try on multiple perspectives, we feel the pull of different people’s influences on our thinking, we anticipate divergent futures … Continue reading

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I need to read about Gershom Scholem‘s life. Scholem, along with his best friend, Walter Benjamin, could be a Northwest Passage from Judaism into those aspects of Nietzsche which remain as compelling to me today as when they blew me to … Continue reading

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