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What isn’t religion’s purpose?

What isn’t religion’s purpose? Here is a partial list: Religion’s purpose is not to give us true beliefs. Religion’s purpose is not to get us to act some particular way. Religion’s purpose is not to make us feel some particular … Continue reading

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Tragedy-fortified process theology

I think my view of life is more tragic than the process philosophies I’ve encountered so far. I’ve found myself writing “lacks tragedy” in the margins of passages such as this one, from Mesle’s Process-Relational Philosophy: It is vital to emphasize … Continue reading

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Myth of the Rise

If you believe Earth was created as a paradise meant to remain perfect, but made imperfect by human wickedness, every flaw will be viewed as an example of corruption that should never have happened. If you believe Earth was created … Continue reading

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Ancestors and siblings of process thought

While I’m scanning passages from C. Robert Mesle’s Process-Relational Philosophy, here are two more that inspired me. The first passage appeals to my designer consciousness: Descartes was wrong in his basic dualism. The world is not composed of substances or of … Continue reading

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Process Theology

I’ve been poking around in several books on Process Philosophy/Theology to see if my own homegrown theology isn’t in fact some version of Process Theology. So far I’m finding some closely matching concepts. (Two big ones: Panentheism and “the lure”.) … Continue reading

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Yom Kippur dream

Last night after we broke the Yom Kippur fast, I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream. I was in a yard behind a suburban ranch house where two trees were growing. One tree was yellowed and barren. It … Continue reading

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Critical reverence

In Torah study my fellow students regard our heritage with a distinctive attitude that can be characterized as critical reverence. We are horrified by much of what the Israelites did in God’s name, but we know that this is where … Continue reading

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