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The mezuzah is a Jewish Janus-face, a point on the door we pass as we go out and as we come in. Hidden inside the mezuzah case is a binding priciple of inside and outside.  As we go out we … Continue reading

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Procrustean skull

People who hate the infinitude of reality have procrustean skulls. What refuses to fit inside the mind is chopped to fit or pulverized and poured in. (Transcendence is an experience — an intuition ¬†of otherness or beyondness, they’ll tell you.) … Continue reading

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Since last Saturday I’ve been obsessing on the concept of machloket, “sacred arguing”. I haven’t been this happy since I learned the word “agonism”. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I hoard ideas. This is the root of my … Continue reading

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Protected: J’Accuse

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Reading together

Intimacy is made possible by shared experience.  Some tangible forms of shared experience are: shared language, shared history, shared spaces, shared relationships, shared institutions, shared customs, shared beliefs.  Less tangible, but perhaps even more crucial forms of shared experience are: … Continue reading

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When I say that some fact is “definitely true” it means that I cannot conceive how it could be otherwise. Sometimes, however, unexpectedly and shockingly infinity will demonstrate that reality is otherwise than how I thought, despite the fact that … Continue reading

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Thaumatolatry – Worship or undue admiration of wonderful or miraculous things. * My religiosity is non-thaumatolatrous. God, being infinite, is present in all kinds of mundane miracles, like generosity, scientific research and conversation. I don’t rule out apparently magical¬†miracles — … Continue reading

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