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Schemas and coinages

One advantage of being a schematic thinker is the technique exposes gaps in our vocabularies, conceptual spaces deprived of language that create intellectual blindspots (schemoscotomas?) for those whose thought is primarily verbal. In encountering these wordless conceptual spaces my approach … Continue reading

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Is it a coincidence that “why” in the plural sounds like “wise”? Yes. Actually it is a coincidence. So I will force the connection myself. Wisdom is closely related to the capacity to reason from the logic of multiple moral purposes, the … Continue reading

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Thou shalt transcend

The moral imperative that I feel most intensely is to acknowledge, respond to and relate to realities who are not myself, and to value most of all those real others who want to return my acknowledgment, to respond back and … Continue reading

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A forgotten snark from 2013: “If only it were as easy to agree on the truth as it is to know it.” I’m going to have to work this into my Ten Thousand Everythings pamphlet.  

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Meditation on V’ahavta

While I traveled the last two weeks I finished memorizing the V’ahavta. V’ahavta et Adonai Elohecha, b’chol l’vavcha uv’chol nafsh’cha uv’chol m’odecha. You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. … Continue reading

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What is religion?

What is religion? My definition is very broad: Religion is the conscious effort to situate ourselves within a reality that involves but infinitely exceeds us conceptually, practically and morally.

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Rosenzweig and the philosopher-hybrid

I get the same feeling reading Rosenzweig as I do reading Levinas: I begin to feel a little like a paraphrasing popularizer, or vulgarizer. In a little over a day from now I hope I’ll just feel like a fellow … Continue reading

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