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Drawing on every side of the brain

In high school, all my art teachers taught us to draw and paint the shapes our eyes “really” saw. We were discouraged from drawing the things we believed we were depicting — eyes, noses, vases, cow skulls, gourds, drapes — … Continue reading

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“I am unique”

One of the greatest obstacles to relating to individuals as individuals is need. The need might be utilitarian. We look for someone who can perform some useful function for us. We might see them as a useful role. This person … Continue reading

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Nine times out of ten, perfectionism is a symptom of an incapacity to make intelligent trade-offs — a compulsive correction of minute isolated imperfections which has lost all sense of a potentially perfect whole.

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Why you should be mad about Lean Startup

Lean Startup externalizes usability costs to users. To combat this practice, if I find a usability issue I call tech support and have them walk me through the interaction. These calls cost a company a significant amount of money and … Continue reading

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Langer (and Geertz)

Looking for a beloved Geertz quote, I happened upon this mind-blowing hunk of truth. One regret: I should have called the post “Langer (and Geertz).

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A cruel thing to say

“I wish you actually were the person you want to be.”

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Jesus as Jewish missionary

A friend of mine said “…so basically, Jesus converted you to Judaism.” Yes. My attempts to understand Jesus’s teaching without the overwhelming influence of Paul’s interpretation led me to sharing Jesus’s faith, which precludes idolizing him as a god, a … Continue reading

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