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George Soros

I’ve been hearing such dark and incredible tales about George Soros’s depravity and deviousness I felt I’d better look into who he is. And what better better place to start than to go directly to the source and read one … Continue reading

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Four sides to every conflict

In conflicts, there are four sides to every story: there is my side, there is your side, there is what I think your side is, and there is what you think my side is. If you want to know a … Continue reading

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Naive moralism

A naive moralist cannot discern the difference between his own moral views and justice, which adjudicates precisely between conflicting moral views, assuming the ultimate validity of none. Justice does not “privilege” any moralism over any other, but this view requires a … Continue reading

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Coalition of opposites

One group of individuals is systematically oppressed by another group of individuals. Two witnesses to the oppression are offended and moved to stop the injustice, but for opposite reasons. The first witness sees the rights of individuals being violated by … Continue reading

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Political Platonism

When one person commits a crime against another, a liberal habitually sees an individual criminal and an individual victim. You can conceptually thematize the parties involved in the crime and the nature of the crime itself in myriad ways, but … Continue reading

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America’s new religion is Antiracism

John McWhorter has observed that America’s new religion is Antiracism: …they have developed a new religion. That religion is antiracism. Of course, most consider antiracism a position, or evidence of morality. However, in 2015, among educated Americans especially, Antiracism—it seriously … Continue reading

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The questions of suffering

Suffering, more than anything else, demands answers. But what kind of question does suffering want us to ask? And what is the answer meant to do? You’ll get very different kind of answers, practical responses and even dispositions toward life itself … Continue reading

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