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Ancestors and siblings of process thought

While I’m scanning passages from C. Robert Mesle’s Process-Relational Philosophy, here are two more that inspired me. The first passage appeals to my designer consciousness: Descartes was wrong in his basic dualism. The world is not composed of substances or of … Continue reading

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We make ourselves out of each other

From C. Robert Mesle’s Process-Relational Philosophy: Occasionally I have the pleasure of performing a wedding ceremony. As a process-relational thinker, I have something I want to say about human relationships in general, and marriage in particular. As John B. Cobb Jr. … Continue reading

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The pain of non-response

When I attempt to communicate with people and get no response, I find it very painful. Maybe I’ve just gotten sensitive about it and notice it more, but until a few years ago I do not recall speaking to people … Continue reading

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Gatecrasher maxim

When I have a  metanoetic transformation that throws me into a new world of insight, I’ve learned to tell myself: “I am late to this party.” A person who undergoes metanoetic transformation is truly “born again” in the sense that … Continue reading

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Rude tools

In my last post I promised that my next post would be “a theoretical tantrum on the ethics around that miserable love triangle between developer, tool and user.” and that I thought the issue of “‘ownership’ of software is an unrecognized … Continue reading

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Process Theology

I’ve been poking around in several books on Process Philosophy/Theology to see if my own homegrown theology isn’t in fact some version of Process Theology. So far I’m finding some closely matching concepts. (Two big ones: Panentheism and “the lure”.) … Continue reading

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Intuitive forces

I think I might not believe in intuitions as pre-thoughts. I think intuitions are creative impulses — the impulse to make a song, an image, a story or poem, a gesture or dance, an object, an organization — or a … Continue reading

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