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Church name

I’m going to see if I can talk one of my Catholic friends into starting a church and naming it “Our Lady of Perpetual Shock”.

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This I know: We can only love where dread can and might irrupt. This I hope: Where dread irrupts, we can love. * Beyond my everything-sized soul there is a braided ring of dread, love and nothingness, Beyond that ring, perhaps there … Continue reading

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A solved problem. A defined problem believed to have a solution. A defined problem whose solution may be impossible. A defined problem believed to have no possible solution. An undefined but acknowledged felt difficulty believed to contain a definable problem. … Continue reading

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I need to read about Gershom Scholem‘s life. Scholem, along with his best friend, Walter Benjamin, could be a Northwest Passage from Judaism into those aspects of Nietzsche which remain as compelling to me today as when they blew me to … Continue reading

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The book I have been reading for the last thirty or so mornings has been Gershom Scholem’s Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. I am currently reading the chapter on Isaac Luria, and it is sparking insights and connections with other things I’ve read, in particular with … Continue reading

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Bodies and categories

If an individual elects to be part of a political body, then that individual shares responsibility for those who act on behalf of that body. It is fair to hold people responsible for what their political bodies do. But if you classify a … Continue reading

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A successful philosophy leaves naivety in its wake.

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