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Pluralistic insight

We use whatever concepts we have available to us to understand our experiences. When facing an unfamiliar situation,¬†we intuitively choose a conceptualization that seems to fit in an attempt to make sense of it. And if the first pick fails … Continue reading

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Pluritarian Pluriversalism

To someone born into an autistic universe controlled by a single set of strictly logical natural laws, the experience of empathy and the subsequent revelation of an empathic pluriverse redefines the meaning of miracle, and of transcendence, and of religion. … Continue reading

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Postenlightenment harmony

Tillich (from The Courage to Be): The whole [Enlightenment] period believed in the principle of “harmony” — harmony being the law of the universe according to which the activities of the individual, however individualistically conceived and performed, lead “behind the … Continue reading

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A newish political framework

(Updated November 25, 2015) No word is more loaded and distorted than the word “liberal”. No word is more crucial, especially right now: deprived of language, the very concept of liberalism is slipping away, its quiet reasonableness drowned out by … Continue reading

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Anaximander’s maxim: Whence things have their origin, Thence also their destruction happens, According to necessity; For they give to each other justice and recompense For their injustice In conformity with the ordinance of Time. * The Greek word for “whence … Continue reading

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Agonistic and tragic pluralism

Agonistic pluralism recognizes that pluralism entails conflict, but the goal is to constrain the conflict to disagreement between adversaries, not violence between enemies. Tragic pluralism acknowledges that pluralism will never result in a final harmony, and normalizes discord not only … Continue reading

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Understanding Peirce’s triad

Let me see if I can paraphrase Peirce’s triad.  The elements of the triad are distinguishable, but inseparable. They cannot be grasped in isolation, but articulated against the whole to which they belong. Peirce said they are to be prescinded, … Continue reading

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