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Bodies and categories

If an individual elects to be part of a political body, then that individual shares responsibility for those who act on behalf of that body. It is fair to hold people responsible for what their political bodies do. But if you classify a … Continue reading

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Overcoming ressentiment

I’ve been thinking a lot about ressentiment lately. It saturates the news, art, conversations, nearly everything. Or so my eyes tell me. * What is ressentiment? It is not as some (including me) an exact synonym of resentment, but a distinct flavor of resentment. I … Continue reading

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It seems true to me that the kind of equality that matters most is legal equality — equality before the law.  To secure full, enduring equality before the law it is necessary that some degree of social equality be maintained. Severe … Continue reading

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America is philosophically diseased

America is philosophically diseased. Most Americans perceive, believe and intuit using 19th and 20th century modes of understanding which are 1) are incompatible and irreconcilable with the others, 2) mutually hostile, and 3) inadequate for making theoretical, practical and moral sense of … Continue reading

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The privileged SJW

From my own experience, privilege manifests primarily in two ways, which apply equally to all people of every demographic: Incuriosity: Not feeling obligated to understand what your fellow citizens are trying to tell you. “I see clearly that I see … Continue reading

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Pluralistic insight

We use whatever concepts we have available to us to understand our experiences. When facing an unfamiliar situation, we intuitively choose a conceptualization that seems to fit in an attempt to make sense of it. And if the first pick fails … Continue reading

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Life is unfair

This scale is an attempt to diagram a framework I posted to Facebook. Lately, I’ve been hearing more and more people declaring that “Life is unfair.” I actually grew up hearing that. I’m starting to believe this statement is the essence … Continue reading

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